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You are a coffeeshop, restaurant, bar or hotel with a desire to serve coffee great Italian style coffee

Coffee lover

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You have a machine at home but you are missing flavorful, sustainable and cool beans or capsules.



The best quality arabica beans from Colombia, Brazil, Guatemala and Honduras, roasted to ensure an exceptionally smooth experience with every cup.


Pro capsules

The perfect option for a busy restaurant in order to ensure same great result every single time, no matter who’s behind the machine.


Home capsules

Sustainable capules to fit you Nespresso machine. Why use aluminium when you can get amazing flavour in capsules made from sustainable materials?

Don’t taste it, feel it.

Our ambition is to make you feel. We want the scent, flavour and surrounding experience of our coffee to put you in a certain mental place.

Our philosophy

No matter if you are stressed out at work, if you are at one of our carefully selected outlets or if you are enjoying the end of a splendid dinner with a cognac and a cigar – we want you to feel our coffee. That’s our mission.

Happy customers

Word of mouth

Don’t take our word for it. Listen to the testimonials from many of our valued clients and partners:

”It’s not just that the flavor is amazing. It’s also that deliveries are always on time, service is always impeccable and the guys are always smiling when they come around. I love Enrike’s coffee” – Caroline, Pan Comida